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Dr.M.Zaheer Sheikh

Principal Dentist

The principal dentist, Dr.M.Zaheer Sheikh (LDSRCS (Edin) MSc (London) DGDP) is a General Dentist with extensive experience in routine dentistry and prosthetics along with handling emergencies. Dr.Sheikh has dedicated almost 40 years of his career to providing high quality NHS dentistry within the local community.
GDC No: 46736

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Head Dental Nurse

Elaine has been a pivotal and important member of our practice, ensuring a smooth operation of the patient's journey from reception throughout treatment and aftercare. She is always willing to listen and ensure everyone is treated with professional courtesy.
GDC No: 262399


Dr. Nabeel Muneer


Dr.Nabeel Muneer (BChD) is a General Dentist with a special interest in cosmetic treatments including teeth whitening and natural teeth-like restorations. Dr.Muneer is a partner in the practice and is Dr.Sheikh's son. He graduated from the University of Leeds and then went on to complete his vocational training in Lincolnshire where he picked up vast experience in oral surgery and cosmetic treatments. Dr.Muneer is a hard worker and is committed to postgraduate learning and aims to build upon his father's work; to build the practice further taking it to the next level with new innovations in the dentistry world and providing them at the highest quality at affordable rates.
GDC No: 211105

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For One (41) Dental Care is a well established, family run dental practice. We have been providing quality dentistry since 1974 and is a highly reputable and professional, caring practice. 

A recent modernisation and refurbishment of our long established practice, we offer both NHS and Private dentistry for all age groups, in an environment consisting of the latest dental technology and innovations.

We take a great pride in the quality of our dentistry and want to make your visit a pleasant experience. Our aim is to provide good dental health for you and your family through preventative dentistry. This means giving you regular dental advice and help you care for your teeth yourself to reduce the need for dental treatment. 

We also believe dental care should be enforced from a very young age to enable the child to have the best dentition possible in early life and transition into adulthood in order to minimise the need for extensive treatment later on in life, where prevention will be the main premise of treatment.

Our dental practice is located on the ground floor with disabled access and our staff are able to speak Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Arabic.

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