Dr. Nabeel Muneer

The partner dentist, Dr. Nabeel Muneer (BChD) is a General Dentist with a special interest in cosmetic treatments including teeth whitening and natural teeth-like restorations. Dr.Muneer is a partner in the practice and is Dr.Sheikh’s son. He graduated from the University of Leeds and then went on to complete his vocational training in Lincolnshire where he picked up vast experience in oral surgery and cosmetic treatments. Dr.Muneer is a hard worker and is committed to postgraduate learning and aims to build upon his father’s work; to build the practice further taking it to the next level with new innovations in the dentistry world and providing them at the highest quality at affordable rates.

Quick Profile

Name:Dr. Nabeel Muneer
Phone: 020 8648 9711
GDC No: 211105
Degree: BChD

Patient Testimonial

I like many people are not a fan of going to the dentist. I have been to various dentists throughout my life. My experience at "For One" was amazing. He was gentle no pain even though I had an extraction. I also had clean and polished and again no pain. Any one with fear of the dentist then this is the place for you. The dental assistant kept giving me drinks but I spat them out when she weren't looking 😁. Thank you for my treatment proud to smile again.
Danny Blue
Happy Patient