It is widely accepted that dental phobia and fear is something that puts many people off visiting the dentist for many years. We are here to help you overcome that fear and the fact that you are reading this means that you have taken your first step towards this goal. There are few people who feel completely relaxed when visiting the dentist. Some people may feel a little anxious, some may be frightened while others may be so afraid that they visit the dentist only when the pain in their teeth is severe. Fear of dentistry can turn into a vicious cycle as people avoid attending for routine check-ups therefor allowing dental problems to develop until the point when they are in desperate pain. Our dentist at For One (41) Dental Care understand that feeling anxious about going to the dentist is very common. We suggest an initial consultation to discuss your dental needs. We are happy to discuss options from simply providing treatment in a calm and relaxed manner. Our entire team is specially trained in caring for nervous patients. We have successfully treated many very nervous patients over the years, transforming their smiles and the health of their mouths, whilst reducing significantly the anxiety they feel in relation to their dental treatment.
If you are nervous:
  • We will first of all meet you just for a chat (consultation) and learn exactly what your worries are. You do not even have to sit in the dental chair initially.
  • We will put ourselves in your hands. You are in control at all times. Only treatment that you are comfortable about having carried out will be carried out.
  • We will keep you in control. Even if you want us to stop during treatment – just let us know. If we are in the middle of doing something, put your hand up and we will stop IMMEDIATELY.
Remember, our reputation depends on living up to our promises.
Here are some of the challenges we can help our clients overcome:
  • Painful or frightening experiences in the past.
  • Dentists not listening to your concerns and what you want.
  • Fear of invasiveness in your mouth.
  • Being conscious of the current condition of your teeth and gums or even bad breath.
  • Fear of the sound of a dental drill or the clinical smell of a practice.
  • Fear of gagging.
  • Guilt of not attending for long periods of time.

Don’t let your fear of the dentist stop you from looking after your teeth. Even viewing our website is a big step for a lot of patients, so keep going with your progress and come in for a chat. We will take care of you from there.

Some of the more frequent reasons for anxiety are listed below, with ways we can help you conquer them.

I had a bad experience as a child what is it like now?

Dental techniques have improved so much over the last few years that modern dental treatment can now be completely painless. If you have not been to see a dentist for some time, you will probably find that things have improved a lot since your last visit. The general attitude is likely to be more relaxed, the dental techniques and safety procedures will be much better and the equipment more up-to-date.

Will it hurt?

Patients are often frightened that on their visit to the dentist they will have to sit through uncomfortable or downright painful treatment, especially if they have suffered from bad experiences at the dentist in the past. We promise this will not happen when you visit us. We use excellent anaesthetics and gentle techniques and we consider our care of you to be failing unless you are completely comfortable at all times. The most frequent comment people make at the end of their treatment is ″if I had known it was that painless I wouldn′t have worried about coming″.

I hate not being in control

We will never start treatment, even a check up, without your being ready. We will agree a signal you can give us, such as a raised hand, if you need us to stop what we are doing at any time. If you decide part way through an appointment that you have had enough for today, we will stop treatment. You can have absolute faith that you are in complete control of what is happening at all times.

I am scared of needles

Lots of people have the same phobia, so you are not alone. We always try to use materials and techniques that do not need an injection if you are frightened of needles. If we feel that it is advisable that your teeth are numb before treatment, we will explain this to you. We can use a special gel to numb your gum first if you would like, and then our local anaesthetic injections are given so gently that many people do not even feel them.

I am frightened of the dentist′s drill

Again, this is a common worry.

If your anxiety is based on a worry that the drilling will hurt, we would refer you back to our pain free promise. You will not have to sit through any painful treatment here. If you don′t like the noise, you are welcome to bring your iPod or MP3 player. If you dislike the sensation of drilling, we can do shorter treatments, or give you frequent ″breathers″.

I am embarrassed about how bad my teeth are

The team at For One (41) Dental Care are all experienced dental professionals, and we can promise you that we see patients with high treatment requirements all the time. It takes a lot of courage to come for treatment if you are nervous, especially when you know you need a lot of work. We applaud that, and we thank you for choosing us to help you on your way towards a healthy mouth and that amazing smile you are going to be sporting soon.

Will I ever feel differently about visiting the dentist?

It is highly likely! As you get to know and trust the dentist, hygienist and other members of the dental team at our practice, your fears will dampen.

For further information speak to one of our team on 020 8648 9711, who will make sure you are safe and comfortable at all times during your visit.